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In the online shop you can make your purchase and pay in the most acceptable manner: by payment transfer or electronic banking or PayPal payment system or credit card.

Electronic Banking
Currently in the online shop you can pay for goods using the following e-banking systems:
AB bankas „Swedbank“
AB „SEB bankas“
AB „DnB NORD bankas“
AB „Nordea Bank Finland Plc Lietuvos skyrius“
How to pay for orders by using e-banking? Fill out the order and select your bank at the Payment Method stage of ordering. will direct you to the Bank’s web page and send the electronic banking system data on the amount to be paid. Log in to the e-banking page in a usual way and the system will have a payment for the goods chosen already formed for you. You only need to confirm the payment. After confirmation of payment, the e-banking page will close and you will be back to
The e-banking login data is to be used only to access Bank’s web page and not is transferred upon returning to the online shop

Credit Card Service System PayPal
Just as other popular international online shops, enables payments via the PayPal credit card service system.
PayPal is the most popular electronic payment system in the world, owned by Customers can use this system for free; the money transfer fee is paid by the recipient. You do not have to register in the PayPal system to use this payment method.
Pay Pal adds a 4% rate on the total. Pay Pal will on some occasions will deduct the 4% from your account on the returned funds.

Bank Transfer
Upon choosing this payment method, please transfer the money to our account in the usual manner. Also, please make sure that the order number is indicated in the payment purpose field.


Account details:
Bank: AB ‘’Šiaulių Bankas'' 

IBAN: LT227180300025467321 


Recipient: UAB "Tanagra ES"

Payment purpose: text SHOP4RACE and indicate the order number once again


Attention!!! Order shall be carried out only if, and only after receipt of full payment receipt for formed order.